Monday, March 31, 2008


Today was a dreary rainy day. Business was slow, so it gave me the opportunity to sneak out for a much needed hair cut.

As I sat down in the barber chair, Sunny told me that he had some bad news for me. He told me he could no longer afford the rent they were paying for their space and that he would be closing.

He'll be work as a hairdresser at Fashion Hair Design at 11 Mott Street. Sunny feels that it's a mixed blessing. Sunny won't have all the hassles of running a business. He'll be free to take vacation time and spend time with his children.

It's so hard for business owners in Chinatown; especially with this economy. People just aren't spending and the businesses are suffering.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Hip hip hoorah!! I knew that they would reopen! I passed by yesterday night to find that all of the dollars that I have put up on the wall have been taken down. They however, do have a brand new interior.

After hitting up the clubs tonight, I will definitely have to drop by with friends for a late night snack! I hope they let us put some of our new dollar bills up on the wall.'s tradition!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The restaurant
69 has been closed for about a week with a sign in the window that says "closed for renovations".

People in the community are saying that the long standing establishment is done for good. Most are saying that the landlord is asking for too much and will not renew their lease. Others are saying that the owners are tired of the business.

I will be heartbroken if the rumors are true. Love that place. I've had so many good memories of going there late at night with friends. While waiting for meals, we'd decorate our dollar bills and hang them up on their wall.

Chinatown is changing so quickly. First
Mei Mei, then Danny Ng's and now this? The long standing businesses have always been the heart of our community and I see them fading out ever so quickly.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Intercollegiate Women's Conference

On March 29th at 10am, I will be at Baruch giving a talk about how running a small business like CICF has given me opportunities to make change within my community.

My talk is titled "Say My Name: Making a Mark in This World as a Woman".

There is no doubt that balancing work life with your personal life is always a juggling act. I hope to give some helpful insights on how to balance work life with social life.

Help celebrate Women's History Month by attending. You can find more information at