Friday, May 09, 2008


I really don't know how these businesses in Chinatown survive. Today I bought duck over rice and it was $3.75. Right now rice is at a super high price and they say there's a shortage. The other day I went to Costco, and I noticed that they limited all the shoppers to 3 bags max for their purchase of rice.

The food is really really good in Chinatown. I think the marketing of some of the restaurants here is too old school. I had this conversation with someone and we came to the conclusion that maybe back in certain areas in China, food was valued more than marketing.

Competition in Asia is also fierce. In my opinion the Chinatown businesses should charge what their meals are worth because they are just cheating themselves. Often the customers just see the food as being low quality because of their low prices.

I would easily pay $10-$15 for that meal.

I thought I was pretty prepared for the signing at Skadden, but I was actually much more nervous there than I was at Macy's. I felt slightly out of my element.

The kids were great of course; but I guess I wasn't used to being in the presence of so many prestigious lawyers who were there to hear me speak. I'm great around kids and demoing food but when it comes to speaking in front of these super lawyers, I get the jitters in my knees. Oh well...did my best.

Overall it went very well. Glad that big companies like Skadden are not only recognizing but celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. I'm glad that I could introduce them and their children to my book and introduce them to Chinatown. Everyone knows how I love C-Town!

One of the lawyers there was actually studying and practicing speaking, reading, and writing Chinese in Chinatown. She was just as excited as the kids about my new book! Glad I could make their days.

I really love being in the food industry. Food is a very comfortable medium to introduce someone to your culture because everyone has to eat. And everyone eats ice cream! In the end, whether you're a big shot lawyer or a young child, ice cream can always bring a smile to your face.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


So today is Sunday and I'm still pooped from Saturday. Some days, I have to pinch myself that I'm alive. I really love my job and what I do varies from one day to the next. Very exciting...

So yesterday was the second time where I was invited to do a demonstration in Macy's at Herald Square. For me it's one of the most nerve racking experiences. Not only are you demonstrating in front of a crowd of 50 people, but they also have 3 plasma televisions in the store showing your demo.

The last time I was invited, my Father and I demonstrated how to make red bean ice cream. Yesterday since we were short handed at the shop, I had to go alone and demo our ice cream sheet cake.

Everything turned out really well. The audience was very shy when I asked for participants, not many people wanted to come up. I thought that meant that my demo was a flop.

To my surprise, after my demo was over, I was mobbed by people who wanted to talk to me in person. The crowd even wanted me all to autograph their Macy's recipes.

One woman was so cute. She gave me a hug and she told me that I was special and to marry wealthy. hahaha...words of wisdom, I guess.

So I went back to my shop after the Macy's demo and my kids (my workers) told me that I just missed Tyra Banks. I heard she came in with sunglasses and that she's as beautiful in person as she is on TV. Tyra got 3 scoops of ice cream! Whoa baby!

Friday, May 02, 2008


CICF is involved with so many events this APA month! It seems so surreal that we've been invited to so many great events.

May 1st-Our ice cream is served at Gracie Mansion for the Mayor's APA Celebration. Our ice cream was a hit!

May 3rd-Christina Seid does an ice cream sheet cake demonstration at Macy's Herald's Square.

May 8th-Book signing for Saturdays in Chinatown at Skadden Arps.

May 10th-CICF will be participating in the CAPA Festival.

May12th-Christina Seid gives a talk at Hunter College on second generation businesses.

May 13th-Our ice cream is being served at the Rapture Gala which will be held at the IAC Headquarters, newly designed by
Gehry. The Gala will celebrate Gehry's new building. Noteworthy participants in the project include Frank
Gehry, Diane von Furstenberg, Feist, Barry Diller and Robert Wilson.
Me and my sister Kathy will be there at the after party if you'd like to join us!

May17th-CICF will partcipate in the
Macy's APA Children's Day. (Not confirmed)

May 20-Book signing for Saturdays in Chinatown at
Hamilton Madison

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Today is May 1st which marks the beginning of Asian Pacific Awareness (APA) Month. CICF has the honor having its ice cream served at the Mayor's reception tonight at Gracie Mansion. Our ice cream is that good! =)

I haven't been blogging as much as I should because CICF will be participating in a whole bunch of great things for APA Month. I'll post the information up on this blog shortly.

Although great things have been happening, I have also been pretty sad the last day. Yesterday was the last day for my dear neighbors who own Moonhouse restaurant. The closing of their restaurant made me feel like I was losing a member of my family. As silly as it seems, it was a very emotional day for me. I told Jeanie to hold me and tell me that it wasn't over. And yes...I cried. Couldn't help it. =(

Off to eat ice cream at the Mayors! Will blog back later!