Friday, June 27, 2008


My very good friend Winnie is currently doing a research project on the Fuzhonese youth of Chinatown. Winnie is doing some pioneering research. Not much has been written on the Fuzhou population because they are considered a more recent immigrant population.

Though NYC's Chinatown has historically been a Cantonese speaking neighborhood, we have recently seen huge changes in the language and food being served here.

I'll keep you posted on what her findings are in the near future. If you are a Fuzhounese Youth and you would like to participate, please find more information below:

Researcher: Winnie Tam Hung Cultural Studies Graduate Group, University of California, Davis, Cell: 845-234-2078,

Title of Study: Chinatown Rim: Chinese Subjectivities and the Cultural Politics of an Ethnic Space

Protocol #: HC-02081053


You are being asked to participate in a study about your experiences growing up in the U.S. and your feelings about your life in the U.S., New York, and Chinatown. Interviews will last on average one (1) hour, but can last as long as necessary and the researcher expects to conduct 50 interviews. All information is voluntary. Participants must be 18-30 years old and legal residents of the U.S.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

GCCA'S NEW Young Adult Leadership Team Kickoff

This Thursday, June 26th from 6:00-8:00, the Greater Chinatown Community Association (GCCA) will launch their new Young Adult Leadership Team (YALT). Whew...that was a mouthful! It's much easier to work with abbreviations when talking about associations that have way too many words!

Recently, my buddy Kendra Lee who is the Executive Director of the GCCA asked if I would chair a committee that helped to bring youth into the Chinatown to patron our businesses and become aware of issues that are going on in our community.
How could I pass up the offer? I LOVE Chinatown!

Our first event will be at Silk Road Mocha which is on 30 Mott Street (btw Mosco and Pell Streets). It will be an evening of FREE food and networking with young adults who are interested in learning about the Chinatown community.

For more information on the GCCA, visit

Special thanks to the Coalition of the Asian Pacific Americans (CAPA) who is our Co-Sponsor.

Committe Members:
Winnie Hung Tam (PHD Candidate UC Davis, Hunter Faculty Member)
Ken Chen (Executive Director of the Asian American Writer's Workshop)
Mabel Cheah (Corocan Group)
Angela Wen (Kyowa Hakko USA)
David Chu (National Urban Fellows)

Monday, June 02, 2008


Moonhouse's old location, reopened today as the New Shanghai Kitchen. The chefs from Moonhouse reopened the restaurant as being not only the chefs, but as business owners.

I haven't personally tried the food there yet but I imagine that the food would be quite comparable.

New Shanghai Kitchen is located at 67 Bayard Street.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Remember that Egg Cake Lady on Mosco Street? Well back a couple of years ago, her shop closed on Mosco street.

Her shop was very memorable because she worked it all alone and there used to be lines that would span to Columbus Park. She used to limit people to only 2 bags of egg cakes each. She was also known for closing abruptly although she had a whole line of customers. Story has it that she put all of her children through college selling those $1 bag of cakes.

I haven't heard what the reason for her closing was. Maybe she just didn't need the money anymore?

Well now, in it's place sits a kiosk that sells candy and cold drinks. It's not the egg cake lady, but it's nice to see that the space has reopened.

For those of you who don't know where Mosco Street is; it's that tiny street that runs perpendicular to Mott Street. It's literally half a block long. Most people go a lifetime without ever going down there. It's a really cool street though!

There's a new flower shop on Pell Street. What's news about this shop, is that it took over the location of what was previously May May for many years. Although the shop is very pretty, it'll take some getting used to for me and other locals. For two generations, we have been so used to seeing May May's there. Signs of a changing Chinatown.

The flower shop is very pretty. They also sell indoor, outdoor, and bamboo plants there. The fresh cut flowers are also breathtaking. I bought some lovely flowers the other day to dress up my dining room table. My family loved them!

Located on Pell Street, btw Mott and Bowery (Closer to Mott).

There's going to be a series of films that are going to be put up in Columbus Park. Sunset Cinema Series is going to start Saturday, June 7th at 6:30-8 pm, and continue on each Saturday till the end of the month. The series consists of a series of different Asian American films from the last decade.

It's a spinoff of what Lunar Stages had done in previous years. It's a great event to attend to enjoy the summer in Chinatown. All the movies are free, and they will be accompanied by a variety of performances and free events.

It's great for a family event, a group of friends, or a cheap date! Columbus Park is located on 67 Mulberry Street.

Check out for more info!