Tuesday, July 29, 2008


CICF is proud to announce that it is now offering cupcakes for delivery within Manhattan and certain areas of Brooklyn. We are kicking off our line with the first of our Asian inspired cupcakes with more to come.

Lucky Cakes...

The color red in both ancient and modern Chinese culture has signified luck. Lucky cakes are inspired by red velvet cake and are topped off with a pink cream cheese frosting.

Got Luck? Well, at least now you have cupcakes. That's lucky and yummy enough.

Great for birthdays, anniversaries, or just for people who like eating cupcakes.

A portion of the profits of this item will be donated to supporting a variety of Asian Non Profit Organizations. For a list, please visit our Community section of the site.

Delivery available in Manhattan and certain areas of Brooklyn. $36 includes a dozen cupcakes, delivery, taxes and tips. Please place your orders 48 hours in advance.

Visit http://chinatownicecreamfactory.com/node/248 for more information.

I really like to eat at Singapore Cafe every now and then. I was always confused about why they called it Singapore Cafe when they served Malaysian food. I just recently figured out that it considers itself a fusion of Singapore, Malay and Chinese cuisines.

Everything is very reasonably priced; just like everything else in Chinatown. I like how the portions here aren't overwhelmingly huge. They aren't quite tapas style, but the smaller portions allow you to try a variety of different things.

The CICF kids just recently had their graduation party there. Their favorites include the chicken satay, honey glazed roast pork, and golden crispy calamari for appetizers. For main courses, they loved their pad thai and singapore chow mine fun.

Check it out one of these nights.
Singapore Cafe: 69 Mott Street (Between Canal & Bayard Streets)

Monday, July 28, 2008


Recently someone who had just moved to the neighborhood asked me where it was possible to buy milk because it was nowhere to be found. I decided today to blog about this...

Of course I would know the answer to this question because I need to buy milk for my store because I am after all in the ice cream business. It recently has been a challenge for myself as well.

Because of all of the ridiculous increases in Manhattan along with runaway inflation many local markets have decided not to carry milk and certain types of dairy. I have read that NYC's regulations have gotten quite strict and for many markets it's just not worth it for them to carry regular milk.

It's really no surprise to me when all the big supermarkets are suffering in Manhattan besides Wholefoods. I read a lot of business magazines so I can understand why we are seeing this trend in Chinatown as well.

So to answer the question: Where is it possible to buy milk in Chinatown?

(1) Duane Reade on the Bowery (Btw Bayard and Canal)
(2) Dynasty Supermarket (Btw Hester and Grand)


For those of you who don't know about the $1 dumplings are missing out in life. In the middle of little old Mosco street sits a shop that will sell you 5 dumplings for a dollar. The dumplings are all made on the premises and are hand rolled in front of you.

They also offer a few other yummy things that I love. Sweet and sour soup is a must. Soy drinks are also good to cool off during a hot day.

The dumplings are super yummy and it's a bargain that you can't beat! Try them out!

Dollar Dumplings -Mosco Street (Cross streets: Mott and Mulberry)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fong In Too

This Chinatown business is celebrating its 75th year. Whoa...that is hella long! I thought that the CICF being here for its 30th year was a big deal but that blows us out of the water!

Founded by Eng Bing Sun in June 29th 1933 , orig. located at 43 Mott. They moved to their present location in early 60’s. It's been in the same family since the 1930's.

Fong In Too sells tofu both retail and wholesale. Retail and wholesale:include freshly made tofu, rice cakes, ho fun, rice noodles, soy milk (tofu fah,). All the restaurants I know of in Chinatown get their tofu from this neighborhood establishment.

There are 3 of the original owners sons running it now; David , Joe , Kivin. Joe is an ex NY police officer

David is very an Asian American Advocate. He is extremely active in the Chinatown Community issues. His heart is in the fight to preserve Chinatown small business and culture.

Try the law bak gau. (Taro cake) That's my favorite to make at home in the morning.

Fong In Too, 46 Mott Street; (btw Bayard and Pell Streets)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rebuilding the Bridge with the Jabbawockeez

Sichuan Earthquake Charity Event

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory is proud to be an in-kind sponsor to this great fundraising event. It will be a good time, raising money for a good cause. What better way to spend a Saturday night? The performances will be excellent! My friend and I have already bought our tickets and I encourage you to do the same!

It's good to see all these Asian Not For Profits bond together to do something for efforts to rebuild the Sichuan area after the earthquake. Details are below:

Please join a ground breaking coalition of Asian American performers and not-for-profit organizations as we raise awareness and dollars to help rebuild China's Sichuan region after one the most devastating natural disasters in recent memory. Appearances include Planet B-Boy, Ryan Leslie, Beau Sia, Andrew Choi, Park Jin Young (JYP), Ken Leung (ABC's Lost), Councilman John C. Liu, DJ Cipha Sounds and DJ Delinger. Tickets available here: web: http://www.rebuildingthebridge.com email: nbulalacao@mocanyc.org There's a $10 discount for buying online and seating is limited! 100% of your ticket purchase is tax deductible since it all goes to charity. Mainstream media and people in general are starting to forget that a major earthquake hit China leaving tens of millions of homeless and in need of help for many years to come. So even if people can't attend, we still want them to remember. So besides raising money, we're looking to maintain awareness of the earthquake victims in China.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Today got together with buddies Kendra and Margaret and headed down to Mulberry Street for a drink.

Margaret, a local New Yorker and familiar with Chinatown was surprised to see a young posh after work crowd in the neighborhood. Often growing up, many of us associate Chinatown as a place to only run our family's errands and have family events.

Yello is a really cute bar that serves yummy drinks. You can find Lychee Martinis as well as whatever beer suits your fancy.

The food here is surprisingly very good for a bar. They have quite an extensive menu; ranging from calamari to chicken wings. All three of us girls are huge fans of their chicken wings. Even my tiny friend Margaret somehow managed to down a round herself!

We're excited to hit up the karaoke that they have downstairs that we recently discovered is free! I can't sing for my life, but it's all in good fun.

Yello-Mulberry Street (Btw Mosco and Bayard Streets)

Sunday, July 06, 2008


What cooler month than July?? Literally!! Yes, it is National Ice Cream Month. Celebrate with us by coming in for some new flavors on it's way at the CICF. Also keep your eyes peeled for some of the old favorites making their reappearances (durian, rice, etc).

I think Ronald Reagan definitely was my favorite President of all time. Besides for the fact that he had some killer good looks in his young days as an actor, he established National Ice Cream Month. National Ice Cream Day falls on the 3rd Sunday of July.

President Reagan realized that ice cream was a dessert that is fun and nutritious on top of being absolutely delicious! What a smart man. I think we would've really got along if we'd had a chance to meet.

Ice cream is definitely the #1 food category in my life!