Saturday, October 11, 2008


Eddie Chiu from Chinatown has been making headlines.  Mr Chiu is in charge of the Lin Association which is a 108 year old standing institution.  As a retired business owner, he has been making it his mission to get the Chinatown community up and voting!  

By encouraging members in the community to vote, he has been getting more attention from politicians.  All the politicians that he had supported this year have won.  Daniel Squadron, Sheldon Silver, and Grace Meng.   Two of three of these politicians are new elects and have defeated their incumbents.  

I'm glad to see people active and passionate about our community.  Chinatown is such a special place but often our issues are overlooked because we are not considered an important voting block.  Politicians help those who can help to get them elected.  I hope in the future more people in our community start to realize the power of voting.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


The U.S. economy is tanking. It's depressing reading the newspapers. From stocks to real estate, it all seems a big mess.

Surprisingly enough, gold and precious metals has soared. The jewelry store Edcora Jewelers actually sells those gold bars and coins for investment purposes. I am sure that they are doing a lot better than I have been doing in the stock market!

They also have beautiful pieces of jewelery. What is very unique about this shop is that you can design your own jewelry. Eddie who owns Edcora will help you to create anything that you can imagine...

EDCORA JEWELRY INC, 26A Elizabeth Street, NYC
Red Egg Restaurant

The other evening I went to at tasting event and I was so happy to see something from Chinatown! Red Egg is a new restaurant that had caught my eye weeks ago. I had been meaning to try it out but work gets oh so hectic.

So I had the chance to try the food and it was GOOOOOD! I know the word "fusion" is out so it would be best described as a "blend" of Chinese, American, and Peruvian cuisines. The owner from the restaurant was surprisingly young for a Chinatown business owner...

So me, being the business geek I am, I wanted to find out more about the restaurant and looked it up on the web. They have gotten a lot of good reviews for a restaurant that hasn't been around for a long time. Nice to also find out that Darren who is the gentlemen that I had met at the event is running the business with his Father.

That is absolutely rocking to see young Chinese American entrepreneurs running businesses in Chinatown! I hope to see more of us in the future.

FYI, they look like they serve some good drinks over there! When work gets stressful, I guess I can head over. =P

Red Egg, 212-966-1123, 202 Centre Street