Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Today, I got to be part of the Travel Channel's piece on the different Chinatowns across the U.S. The Chinatowns that were visited include Chinatowns in San Fran, Philadelphia, Portland, & Boston.

I think that I've visited most of the other Chinatown and I don't think any of them compare to our NY Chinatown.

I'll keep you posted on when the segment will air. I still of course think that our Chinatown is #1!


There's this relatively new cafe that's across the street from Columbus Park on Mulberry Street. I've actually been meaning to go for awhile and today I finally had the chance to step out.

It's a really cute little shop with an eclectic mix of Eastern and Western style snacks. Kinda like a mix of Komba's and Cosi mixed together. They offer salads, wraps, burger, sandwiches and juices.

I like that it's not too busy in there. It's a relaxing place if you need to step out and grab a cup of Joe. It's a quiet atmosphere to study or to chat with good friends.

Mama Cafe
46 Mulberry St, New York 10013 (Btwn Mosco & Bayard St)

Sunday, April 06, 2008


My longtime neighbor of 10 years has publicly announced that it is closing at the end of this month. I'm pretty devastated about it because of love their food and love my neighbors.

The neighboring businesses are more than just the services and goods they provide. The businesses in our community are about the people. The people who run the businesses are at their shops for so many hours, that their stores become their home. The neighboring businesses become your family.

I see the closing of Moonhouse as more than just the mere inconvenience of having to go to another restaurant for my siu long bow. It symbolizes a changing Chinatown where the little businesses can no longer survive. I wonder what the future holds for our community.

Its a bittersweet ending for Moonhouse. Although it's the end of their business run, it is also the end of the long hours of toil. Mrs. Sun will take some time off before finding another job and her daughter has already secured her own career. Because of a family's efforts to come together to run their business, they are able to advance. So in some ways, I guess this story does have a happy ending.

For all you long time customers, don't forget to get your last meal there before it closes. And for you guys haven't tried it yet, try to get your taste now while you can.

Come eat at Moonhouse- 67 Bayard Street

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Summer is right around the corner. Many parents need to figure out how to keep their kids occupied since they'll be out of school for for a few months.

The Chinatown
YMCAs are offering their summer camps.

The newly
renovated Chinatown YMCA Houston Street Center is offering a sports and a swim camp for children ages 5-12. Session 1: June 30-July 11; Session 2: July 14-25; Session 3: July 28th-August 8th; Session 4: August 11th-August 22nd.

They will be holding an Open House on Saturday 3/15, Saturday 4/12, Saturday 5/17, from 10am-4pm; as well as every Friday during camp.

For more information on the summer camp
athe Chinatown YMCA Houston Street Center, you can call Jill Dowd at 212-912-2460. It is located at 273 Bowery. Their web address is

The other location for the
Chinatown YMCA is located at their Hester Street Center.
Their summer camp is offered to children between the ages of 4-11 years of age. Their specialities include computer, tutoring, dance, karate, and basketball. Session 1: June 30-July 11; Session 2: July 14-25; Session 3: July 28-August 8; Session 4: August 11-August 22 and Post Camp: August 25-29.

They will be holding their Open House Saturday 3/15, Saturday 4/12, Saturday 5/17 from 11am-2pm. Their Summer Bazaar will be July 20
th, and Summer Festival will be August 13th; and their Parents Night will be August 15th.

For more information on the
Chinatown YMCA Hester Street Center, you can contact Nilka Yau at 212-334-3945. It is located at 100 Hester Street. For more information, you can also visit the web at

Today, I was reading through the Grand Street News; which is a new free publication. They had an article about the art classes that the Educational Alliance offered to adults.

Although CICF has supported the Educational Alliance in the past with some of its fundraisers, I've always thought of it only as a senior center or a preschool facility. It's great to know that there still are places that are providing affordable art classes.

They offer art classes ranging from wielding and pottery and everything in between. You can even take a Chinese ink painting class for just $105. Now that's what I call a bargain in this crazy city!

I, myself will definitely be looking to take some classes there!

The Educational Alliance is located at 197 East Broadway (at Jefferson) which is across the street from Seward Park.

For more information, you can visit or call 212-780-2300.