Sunday, May 31, 2009


Danny Ng's restaurant has a new location. They closed their Pell street location awhile ago and now can be found on the Bowery.

I found the food to be much more yummy than their old location. We ordered a whole bunch of dishes and it only came out to be $20 a person (including tip). We ordered family style and we ate like Kings and Queens. We definitely stuffed ourselves royally.

My favorite is the lobster with cheese. It is absolutely delicious. I also recommend the shrimp with fruit and mayo. Sounds a little weird, but it's great.

Rumor has it that the spare ribs with pumpkin is to die for. I will have to try that next time!

52 Bowery (@ Canal


It was my friend's bday Saturday and everything was booked up in Chinatown. Somehow, someone found this random bar that was able to accommodate the 30 of us without reservations.

There is always a catch. Swat Bar is extremely old school. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing...I actually had a really good time.

The best way to describe the joint is " a second floor Golden Flower revival." For those of us that remember Golden Flower, it was a bit of a Chinese karaoke dive bar. Now, a lot of people are sad that it's gone and it is now taken over by the posh Apoteke.

Karaoke with a stage; mostly Chinese songs. A much older crowd in a second floor walk up. Swat Bar still has all the essential beers and mixed drinks that makes for a good evening.

I long thought that the old school bars of Chinatown, (besides for Winnie's) were gone. I realized that they have just moved a little further out. It's definitely not posh, but that doesn't mean that it can't be fun. Old school Chinatown karaoke bars...

95 or 97 Canal Street
Corner of Orchard and Canal, 2nd Floor Walkup

Saturday, May 30, 2009


This place used to be called Shanghai Garden.  I wonder why they changed the name.  The restaurant still seems unchanged.   

My favorite here is the noodles in spicy brown sauce (Ja Jurng Mein).  Other popular favorites are the Shanghai Lo Mein and the Soup Dumplings.  Everything is absolutely DELICIOUS.  

My goodness I love eating in Chinatown!

NEW YORK, NY 10013
(212) 964-5640


My friend Thea from Hamilton Madison House loves dimsum. The only problem is that she doesn't eat meat! I'm totally carnivorous!

It actually hasn't been as much of a challenge to find dim sum items without meat. We dimsumed at Oriental Garden. This wood paneled restaurant tends to be among my favorites. It's more calm than the bigger banquet halls. The quality tends to also be higher. It's slightly more expensive but when I say that, it means maybe 50cents to a dollar more.

We at a plate of choy sum, vegetable spring rolls, and vegetable dumplings. They also have a menu around that is bilingual with pictures. They carry more than what they offer on the small dimsum carts they are pushing around.

Who knew eating food without meat could be so tasty. Dimsum without meat can still be yummy!

212) 619-0085


For any of us that have walked by Columbus Park, know the "Shoe Man".  He is the person who sits on the corner that repairs shoes.  He has finally moved locations after 26 years!  I walked by and saw the sign in the picture above.

I wonder what caused him to move!  Email me if you know the scoop.  I have gone to him for many years.  I never understood why he did it for so cheap because it just seemed so labor intensive.  He has often reheeled my boots and such for something like $2 or $3.   That is dirt cheap!  

I always did feel that he did do it as a labor of love.  He always seems very happy with what he's doing although it is tedious.  The Shoe Man is also very inventive, having two phone numbers.  This is because his English isn't very good and doesn't want to lose business.  What an ingenious idea! 

He will now be on 221 Grand Street and Elizabeth Street.  I'm glad he just moved and didn't retire!

646-434-9360 (Chinese)
646-434-9352 (English)

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Today, I met up with my buddy Pauline Yu.  Pauline works as the Community Liason for Mayor's office.  Her Father is also President of the Chinese Benevolent Association (CCBA).  So in short she is a Chinatown Advocate All-Star!

We had lunch and chit chatted about local politics at Shanghai Cafe.  It always feels good to get together with other young people in the Chinatown area who want to better our community.  Also it's a plus when they want to venture and try new yummy foods with you!

We ate their soup dumplings with pork which is a signature Shanghai dish.  In addition, we also ate noodles with beef and eggplant.  YUMMY! 

Although we are in a recession, I don't think that means we can't stuff ourselves.  This yummy meal for two, including tip was a little shy of $30.  Keep in mind we over ordered.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Marty Markowitz, who is the Brooklyn Borough President has an APA celebration. We've been invited the last couple of years to be part of that. Our ice cream always seems to be a hit.

You can celebrate APA culture by eating ice cream. The Chinese were essential to building the railroads in the U.S. but they were also the innovators of ice cream!

(In this photo, I am wearing a jacket designed by Yanna. Available at Peony Red.)


Today, I ate at Happy Time twice! Friends were visiting me at work. What a wonderful day!

I love Happy Time because it's only a few doors down from CICF. They have a million different things to choose from. They have meals if you're very hungry; snacks if you're kind of hungry; and lots of different drinks.

The owner must think I'm a bottomless pit. Within a five hour period, I ate a Hawaiian fried rice, A Hong Kong milk tea, a coffee with tapioca, and an order of fried dough.

Happy Time makes me HAPPY! =)

NEW YORK, NY 10013

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I have been in a mood where I have just not been feeling pretty.  I've been playing that West Side Story song, singing along with my girl Maria and I'm still not feeling pretty.

My friend decided to get me out of my funk.  Autumn who is a well known photographer offered to photograph me.

Autumn maintains her original office in Chinatown and has expanded to Jersey.  Surprisingly only a small percentage of her clients are Chinese.  She has been voted the best photographer by the Knot Magazine.  Autumn also is one of the regular photographers for the United Nations. She gets to follow around members of royal families, capturing their precious moments with her camera.  How awesome is that?

I'm really looking forward to my pictures.  I know they will turn out beautiful, not because I am pretty but because Autumn is so fantastic.  That's why she gets paid the big bucks ( I would not be able to afford my pictures if she didn't do them for free.  I do manual labor for a living!) 

Everything fabulous comes from Chinatown! I'm sure I'll feel as pretty as Maria after seeing the photos.

BTW her private collection "Journey to the West" is being displayed at the gallery at 11 Front Street in DUMBO.

373 Broadway, Studio D5
(917) 939 - 4899
(212) 655 - 9289

Monday, May 25, 2009


Red Egg's bar has been a pretty cool place to hang out. If I have a rough day, I order a Shirley Temple (I rarely drink alcohol). Darren usually convinces me that I need to make that a double. This is as wild as I usually live... I really go because I love the dim sum that is served throughout the day as kinda a bar appetizer.

The other day, I was actually more adventurous and tried Darren's specialty drink. He is so proud of his Pisco Sour. It's a drink made with an egg white and Peruvian rum. Red Egg is Peruvian Chinese cuisine so it makes sense that this is a signature drink.

The Pisco Sour was DELICIOUS! I hear that alcoholic drinks with egg whites are all the craze. Maybe I should start living more dangerous.

Cheers to drinks at Red Egg!

202 Centre Street
New York, NY 10013

If you're reading this, you must have figured out that I am a blogger. My blog is actually #1 for NYC's Chinatown. (not to toot my own horn =) )

The other night, I had stayed out late to go to a blogger party. It was one of the few nights, where I pretended I had a life...

I had to go out! I was invited as one of the guests of food/other bloggers!

It was awesome! Desserts, alcohol and fellow bloggers! There are some days where it is great being me. =)

Sunday, May 24, 2009


My friend Winnie always feeds me great news articles about what is going on in the community on Facebook.

The other day, I was strolling through Columbus Park. My friend asked me what the pictures hanging up were. Sadly though I own this blog, I didn't know the answer...

Right now, the exhibit Chinatown Voices is being exhibited throughout the park. The collection was meant to show the diversity of Chinatown; past and present.

I really loved it. I felt like it was something I could relate to since I'm in the community so much. Surprisingly neither of the artists were Chinese. Patel and Pham did however work through translators. One artist is Vietnamese and the other is from India.

The art is also interactive; inviting the spectator to relate the art to their own stories.

For me, most of the special moments in my life have taken place in Chinatown...

Visit Columbus Park and email me and I'd like for you to share your story with me. =)

For more information visit

Friday, May 22, 2009


Yesterday, me and two friends went to eat at the upstairs section of Wo Hop. We celebrated a friend's engagement over yummy snails.

Anna is so cute! It was about time her hubby popped the question! Gloria is also super special. When she gets engaged, we will have to continue the tradition and eat snails again!

Memorable moments are always happening at Wo Hop.

17 Mott Street
New York, NY 10013

Thursday, May 21, 2009

(Both me and Virginia are wearing outfits from Peony Red.


CICF has made it's appearance this year again at the Mayor's Asian Pacific American (APA) Celebration! CICF has also been part of the festitivties for the Controller's Celebration, as well as both Borough President (BP) Manhattan and BP Brooklyn!

No celebration is complete without ice cream!

An important event is taking place in the community on June 1st at 6:30. The Chinatown Working Group (CWG) is holding a Town Hall Meeting to discuss the future of Chinatown. The goal of the meeting is to hear what the community thinks and to bring up any current concerns.

The meeting will be held in both Chinese and English. I do encourage anyone who does live or work in the community to attend. Only by hearing our voices, will we be able to make positive change in our community.

The CWG will be holding a meeting this Wednesday (May 20th) at 4-5:30 at Community Board #1, Rm 79 at 49-51 Chambers Street to plan the Town Hall.

If you also have an suggestions, please reach out to Gigi at / 516-642-2099

JUNE 1, 6:30 at PS 124 (40 Division Street)
New York, NY 10013


The other night I was invited to the Charles B Wang fundraiser. Mr. Wang is the legend that created Computer Associates. This man has been so generous with his fortune. In Chinatown in particular, he built our health clinic.  This year marked its 10th anniversary.  At the gala, Mr. Wang was the honoree.

I had the honor of meeting the impressive man. He was surprisingly humble. Mr. Wang has so many accomplishments.  He spoke with us about an organization he founded called Smile Train which helps to provide poor children with cleft surgery. 

Sitting around the table with me were other APA advocates and community members. Mr Wang and Mr Teng inspired us to put together a fundraiser in the community to help these children. 

It would be an honor for us to help these children in the spirit of Mr. Wang.  I believe it is important for us to give back to a man who has done so much for Chinatown.

To make a donation or find out more on the Charles B. Wang Health Clinic, visit

Monday, May 18, 2009


I love Paris Sandwich. It's one of my favorite spots in Chinatown. What is awesome about this shop is that they make all their breads there. Gourmet breads without the fancy price tag. (AWESOME!) The speciality here are their Vietnamese sandwiches. D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

I am also a fan of their coffee and frozen drinks and Vietnamese desserts.

Do note that they close early. Lucky for me; otherwise I'd be 200 pounds!

113 Mott Street
New York, NY 10013


I ate at Bo Ky yesterday and last Friday. I really can't get sick of this place. They have literally hundreds of items on their menu.

I always happen to bump into someone I know there. It's one of the places where the locals eat in Chinatown.

Yesterday, I decided to be adventurous. I tried the fish dumplings with the wide noodles in soup. My usual is the country duck over rice. My friend got the lemon grass steak which is what I'm getting next time.

The average meal here, including a soda, tea, and a tip will run around $8. What a bargain!

NEW YORK, NY 10013

Friday, May 15, 2009


This Saturday, I will be reading doing a book reading at the Asian American Writer's Workshop (AAWW).  It will be a fun filled Saturday full of great children's authors, arts &crafts, and ice cream.  This seriously sounds like heaven for any child.  You'll be the new cool adult for taking that special child in your life to this event!

Please join us!

Saturday, May 16 from 12-2pm
@ The Workshop 
16 West 32nd Street, 10th Floor 
(btwn Broadway & 5th Avenue)
$5 suggested donation; open to the public


Kendra Lee's last day as the Executive Director of the Greater Chinatown Community Association (GCCA) was today. Chinatown will sadly be losing such a passionate APA advocate. Though Kendra loves the GCCA with all of her heart, she will be moving on to graduate school.

Sal Situ will be taking her place. He is a rockstar so the GCCA will be in good hands. I will also be staying on as Committee Chair of the YALT with Mabel Cheah. We got in under control. =)

Today, we celebrated over bowls of noodles at Bok Ky restaurant. I love Kendra as not only as an advocate but as good friend.

Lots of luck to her in the Young Urban Fellow Program!

Last night there was a big fire in the building next to Hong Kong Supermarket (HKS). The fire got so big that it spread to the supermarket. HKS has sadly burned down.

The fire had gone on for many hours. It attracted not only a lot of reporters, but a lot of photographers that wanted to document the event.

The market that sat on the corner of Pike and East Broadway was a favorite shopping spot for many.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I just came from dinner with good friends. Red Egg is for sure one of my favorite places in Chinatown. I love the unique decor. It reflects the influence of a young second generation of young Chinatown restaurateurs.

Tonight, we ate spare ribs, Peking duck and bok choy. Peking duck....ummm my favorite!

I'm dying to go back to try their seared tuna.

(PS This is a picture of my friend Yanna posing with our food. She is much prettier than me.)

NEW YORK, NY 10013

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This cute little botique has a lot of HK flare to it. The prices are affordable and the clothing is a bit more unique than going to H &M.

The only problem I find when I shop at these stores, is that they often don't have my size. I tend to be on the taller side. I also have a bit more meat on my bones.

I recommend this shop for people who are petite and looking for something a little different.


The Asian American Arts Alliance has launched it's summer Chinatown Promotion. By visiting their website, you can print out coupons for deals in Chinatown. Deals include discounts to eateries and shops and of course to CICF.

Check it out.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Chinatown is notorious for selling knock-offs.  But did you know that it is possible to get a deal on authentic designer goods?  The catch is that they are second hand items.  They are however sold in good condition with the official certificates.   

Beware that although these used items are heavily discounted, they are still not cheap.  When girls are bummed out, they tend to indulge in retail therapy.  My sister says that there is no broken heart that can't be fixed with an LV Bag.  I think I'll take a second look at the boutique.  I am a fan of the bags but not a fan of the original prices.

New York, NY 10013


My friend Paul owns more Burger Kings than I can keep track of. He particularly owns the Burger King on Delancy Street.

Though Burger King isn't traditional Chinese cuisine, it is loved by many of Chinatown's locals.

This Burger King has also been particularly charitable to the Chinatown community. My workers have fond memories of contests sponsored by Burger King from their elementary schools. Paul also makes sure that his businesses give back to the communities they are in. He's making the BK a socially conscious product downtown!

Though I am not a huge fast food fan, I love the BK Whopper.

Burger King
146 Delancy Street,
New York, NY 10013

Friday, May 08, 2009


My friend PJ is actually running for City Council for our area (District 1).  (Yes, I already know I am an underachiever.)

He's having his kickoff at one of my favorite places, YELLO!  There are free drinks and goodies for the first 50 people who arrive at his party tonight which is from 6-9pm.  If I wasn't his friend before, I think I'll be his friend now! Just kidding...

The extra bonus of the night is that PJ will be giving out gift certificates for Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.  I think PJ is on to something... ice cream makes everyone popular and loved. =)

Drinks, food, ice cream, and politics.  That's what I call a Friday night. I'll be dropping in so hope to see you there.

32 Mulberry Street (Btw Mosco and Bayard)

Thursday, May 07, 2009


Penang is definitely one of the best Malaysian restaurants out there. My favorite appetizer is the Roti Cani which is an Indian pancake with curry sauce. It's great for sharing and it is must if you have never eaten Malaysian food.

Yesterday, we also ordered the Hainese chicken and the Pan Fried Pearl Noodles. Ummmmm. Um...

It was exactly what I wanted for dinner. A good, delicious, filling meal. It helped me get over my disappointing lunch that had still left me hungry and my wallet nearly empty.

Penang Restaurant
41 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10013


Peony Red can be best described in short as a botique version of Pearl River. The shop carries a variety of Chinese inspired clothing that is a little more edgy. Yanna, who is the owner has a unique style to her apparel line.

My friend Sandra was wearing a dress from Peony Red the other night and was receiving so many compliments. The next day, I caved in to my shopping addiction. I went to the shop and purchased not one but two dresses!

What is also great about this place is the service. It's run with that Soho boutique feel without the expensive sticker prices. The super bonus is that they tailor your dress to you.

217 Centre Street, New York, NY 10013

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Tonight, Comptroller Thompson had his APA Celebration at Flushing's Townhall.

Of course, CICF ice cream made the night complete during the reception that followed.

Happy APA Month! 
Wo Hop Restaurant

Wo Hop is quite possibly one of Chinatown's most famous restaurants event for people who have not come to Chinatown. On the sitcom, Everyone Loves Raymond, Ray often talks about his love for Wo Hop's food.

The restaurant has an upstairs and a walk down area.  The walk down area is much more popular than the upstairs.  I would recommend it for the "real Wo Hop" experience.  The decor is adorned with photos of celebrities who are fans of the place.

The food however, is not traditional Chinese cuisine.  I would say it's kind of a Chinese/American fusion late night food joint.  

My friend Amy (who isn't Chinese) told me that her parents had their first date there.  Glad it went well, otherwise Amy wouldn't have been born! =)  Chicks must dig Wo Hop as a date spot?  Dig it, dig it? 

Wo Hop Restaurant
15 Mott St
New YorkNY 10013
(212) 566-3841

Monday, May 04, 2009


At this cute shop, they have barrels of different grades of ginseng. They sell everything ginseng from whole pieces to powders and teas.

Prices vary a lot and I am personally not a ginseng connoisseur. Ginseng in general is known to be very good for your health. I used to drink ginseng supplements instead of drinking coffee. It really does give you a bit of a boost. Ginseng is also good for your immune system.

Check it out!

188 Hester Street, New York, MY 10013, 718-886-1025