Monday, February 16, 2009


My friend Wincheng from my college days was diagnosed with Leukemia a few years ago. She went through a period where she was in remission and has recently relapsed. Wincheng is in need of a bone marrow transplant.

Wincheng's friends who love her very much have organized a bone marrow drive for her. We encourage you to attend or volunteer. Below details are listed:

Saturday, February 21st from 10 am to 3 pm at the Charles B. Wang Community Center in Chinatown (Canal St. Location)

You can learn more information about the National Bone Marrow Registry and what you can do to help out Wincheng and many others. You'll be able to join the Registry on site as well! Please feel free to invite friends, family, co-workers!! EVERYONE will be able to register for FREE!!!

If you are interested in helping out during the drive, please contact Bertha at: bertha.cheng[@] We do need help with publicizing the drive, manning the tables, and fluent translators. Please email any other questions to: all4wincheng[@]

If you are interested in joining the Registry, but are unable to come, you can sign up for a free home-kit at or

If you are interested in hosting a bone marrow registry drive at your workplace, school, etc. Please contact for more information. We would be more than willing to help!

Thank you for your support!!!!!

Every 5 min, someone is diagnosed with blood cancer.
Every 10 min, someone dies from blood cancer.
10 min of your time, might save a life.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Yesterday, we were on Fox Five for a segment on exotic foods with medicinal benefits. They came in search of the durian ice cream with a world famous food expert.

Everyday you learn something new. Durian is surprisingly an aphrodisiac. For those of you unfamiliar with the spiky fruit, it is banned in many places in Asia because of its strong rotting smell. Despite its infamous smell, people find it irresistibly delicious!

With today being Valentine's Day, durian might just be our most in demand flavor!

Happy Valentine's Day and happy durian ice cream eating!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg had his Lunar New Year reception. CICF was again given the honor of creating festive food for the occasion.

Our Lucky Cakes made their debut for Lunar New Year and were quite the hit of the night. The red velvet cupcakes will hopefully bring a year of luck to us all!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Missing Marilyn Feng

This past weekend, my friend Marilyn Feng was killed by a drunk driver as she was walking. She was coming from tango classes with her boyfriend. He is in critical condition. She was supposed to start work today at Chinatown's Manpower.

Marilyn was very involved in the APA community. She had formerly worked at the Borough President's office and for Asian Women in Business. Marilyn was only a few years younger than I and had already held a degree in law from NYU.

As I walked through the neighborhood today, I couldn't help but think of her. We girls had a list of things that we wanted to try out in the Chinatown area. We were planning to do everything from taking kickboxing classes, to getting a back massages and dinners. She was going to start work today, just down the block from where I am. There seemed to be so much time ahead of us. Now I realize and regret that our time was cut short.

I had just seen her a couple of weeks ago and she was perfectly healthy. A young girl with a love for the community and a bright future ahead of her.

The community and the world suffers a loss. I encourage people to be careful while driving and to be especially responsible when drinking.

We will all be missing Marilyn Feng...