Saturday, March 24, 2007


I always talk about how proud I am of "my kids". Recently I have been getting a lot of strange responses to that, so I think I'll have to clarify...

We operate like a small family here. We often drive each other crazy though deep down we all love each other. I even love Frank. (gosh, I can't believe I said that).
Ling and Frank are definitely most like my real kids, because no matter how much I want to get rid of them, I still love them to death. Sofia and Jason are the least like my kids because they are the Asian models of perfection so there isn't any reason not to love them. All the other kids are just super lovable just because.

Although I am a nag and we all work very hard; we all spend a lot of time together,; holidays and all. They share stories about dating disasters and I always listen to their teenage-20year old drama. I make sure to nag them about looking both ways when crossing the street and not to drink too much at frat parties.

For Christmas, they actually had my CICF shirt embroidered with "Momma Chris" on the back. It also has a smiley face with a chef hat and a cooking spoon. Ay-Yah! Now that I'm single, who's going to want me with 20+ kids who are teenagers!!

Now it's not just the kids calling me Momma Chris, but my friends have as well.

Yes, I heard that the shirt was James' idea. I won't forget that...