Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So I just came back from Atlantic City (AC).  I feel exhausted from the car ride even though I didn't drive.  I must say that I am still a fan of taking the Chinatown bus.  

In terms of driving, Jersey somehow does not make any sense.  And when you get lost, you have to pay more in tolls and gas.  It cost us a small fortune getting there because my GPS was possessed by the devil.  I almost had a fight with my Garmin.  It was insistent that the Tropicana was to the right, but my eyes just saw a body of water....  I have a poor sense of direction but that definitely was not correct.

I also like the Chinatown buses that run to AC because they give you vouchers.  For $40 they give you $40 of match coupons, and a meal!  Can you believe that?  And that includes the RT ticket from Chinatown NYC to AC.  Is that not a bargain?  

You can buy tickets along the area of Bowery and Division Streets.  You'll see lots of buses to AC idle and you can ask around.  Chances are someone will approach you before you feel lost.  Drop offs are mostly to the Hilton or to the Borgota